AOTA301 Medical Instrument Head Rack Skull Clamp Head Frame for Neurosurgery Surgery

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Neurosurgical Head Holder, Medical Head Frame, Surgical Head Frame

This head rack is a special device, matched with cerebral surgery. It can be adjusted forward and backward, left and right swing, raised and lowered according to operation requirement, which is easy to get best head position and body position.

During surgery, surgeons can hand rest as support;

It can be rotated and adjusted forward and backward, left and right, up and down according to surgery requirement;

Patient?s skull could be fixating by 3-4 skull pins.

forward and backward movement:?350mm

left and right movement: 400mm

height adjustable range: 350mm

swinging angle: more than 75 degree

adjustment range for Installation of center distance: 190~590mm

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