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AOTA201 Orthopedic Traction Surgery Table Accessories Hip Extension Device

Traction is an essential treatment in orthopedics. The traction frame is connected with the operating table, suitable for orthopedic surgery and traction, can be lifted, extended, C-arm fluoroscopy, reasonable structure, flexible joints, convenient operation. Traction frame should be combined with operating table.


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AOTA201 Orthopedic Traction Surgery Table Accessories Hip Extension Device Description:
Orthopedic Traction Frame is used for surgeries of waist, hip, knee, femur, tibia, low limbs. Both inside and outside fixed operation can be carried out in multi-angle and multi-position. The Orthopedics Frame is flexible to adjust, safe and durable and work with stable mechanical performance and big adjusting range. Associated by C X-ray during operation fixing to ensure the accuracy and success of the surgery.
1. One end splice operation bed, firm and stable, the metal part uses 304 stainless steel, durable.
2. The telescopic traction arm can be adjusted in multiple ways to meet the requirements of intraoperative C-arm imaging to ensure the accuracy and success rate of surgery.
3. All kinds of operating tables can be equipped, easy to operate and use.
4. The traction arm adopts double joint design, with telescopic function and various Angle conversion, to ensure a wider field of view during the operation and facilitate clinical use to the greatest extent.
5. With 2 stainless steel universal brake wheels, easy to move and locate.
6. The padded inner thigh support column allows the patient to achieve good positioning for easy installation and space saving.

Main Specification
Length 2200mm
Width 600mm
Max. height from floor 850mm
Min. height from floor 1100mm
Technical Parameters
Traction range ≥1000mm
Traction distance ≥220mm

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