• orthopedic operating table, ot table, operating table, electric operating table, hospital operating table, surgery operating table
  • orthopedic operating table, ot table, operating table, electric operating table, hospital operating table, surgery operating table

AOT303B General Surgery Electric Orthopedic Operating Table For Use Of C-Arm With Battery

The multifunctional electric operating table applies modern technology, combined with the humanized design concept, to meet the requirements of image observation and diagnosis in the operation process. It is highly comprehensive, and can be used in the hospital operating room for the operation of all parts of the human body, namely: Thoracic surgery, cardiovascularization, extracorporeal circulation, abdominal cholecystectomy, nephrectomy, neck, cervical vertebra, lumbar spine, spine, back, urology, gynecology, cerebral neurosurgery, rectum, orthopedic lower limb traction (with orthopedic traction rack) and other operations.

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AOT303B Medical Electric Operating Table Features:
1. Electric adjustment of the following functions: bed rise and fall, front and back tilt, left and right tilt, table translation, back plate up and down, leg plate up and down.
2. Power supply: The fully charged battery can provide about 80-120 complete operation cycles, which can be used for about a week depending on the use condition.
3. Bedboard: it is composed of five parts: headboard, backboard, sitting board, leg board and footboard. The headboard is detachable, which is easy to install the head frame of neurosurgery. The leg plate is removable.
4. Movement, turning and fixation of the operating table. Using imported casters, the operating table has excellent mobility and steering, mechanical support fixed.
5. Waist bridge function: Built-in waist bridge drive mode. Adopt mechanical electric drive mode.
6. Operating table material: the operating table cover and the whole bed head plate frame, backplate frame, seat plate frame, leg plate frame, footplate frame are 304 stainless steel material, not rust in use, accessories are not easy to damage, bed board made of polymer material, no shadow.
7. Mattress: polyurethane molding pad, easy to disinfect and clean. No gaps can prevent bacterial growth.

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Table height adjustment range Table height adjustment range: 700mm~1000mm;
Height adjustment range ≥300mm;
Width of operating table ≥555mm;
The length of the operating table is ≥2150mm.
Pour before and after Before and after 25 ° or higher
Tilt left/right Left/right tilt: ≥25°
Head board (up/down) folding (leveling function) Head board (upper/lower) fold: ≥45°/90°
Head plate adjusting height  ≥70mm
The back plate is folded (up/down) Backboard (upper/lower) fold: ≥70°/22°
Table front and back translation Table unidirectional translation: ≥350mm
Leg plate down folding (electric) Leg plate up fold ≥15° Leg plate down fold ≥90°
Lumbar adjustment range Lumbar adjustment ≥110mm
Combination function The operating table is provided with one-button buckling and one-button anti-buckling functions. One key reset function.
Side rail 304 stainless steel side rail, can quickly install and remove accessories.
Maximum bearing weight Maximum bearing weight: ≥275 kg

1. Special technology: the lifting part of the operating table is the precision match of the quilted tube and round cast iron, which will not shake and jam in the use process or even ten years.
2. The rotary frame (main support structure) of the operating table can carry a load of 1000mm and reach 2000N.


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