AKL1205L Medical Ceiling Lamp Double Dome Halogen Shadowless Operating Light

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Medical Ceiling Lamp, Operating Light, Shadowless Operating Light, Medical Operating Light, Operating Room Light

AKL1205L??use of multiple different sources, by focusing knob,so the beam is irradiated from different locations surgery, reduce the shadow medical staff head, hands and other parts caused. The illumination can be adjusted according to actual needs.


Model???????????????????????????????????? AKL1205L
Illumination of Main lamp(lux)???????????????? 120000
Illumination of Supple monetary lamp(lux)?????? 50000
Color Temperature(K)??????????????????????? 4000?500
Color rendering index??????????????????????? 100?Ra?85
Depth of light beam(mm)???????????????????? ?500
The value of the total irradiance???????????????<6m W/m?lx
(service range for temperature rise?10?)
Total irradiance(Temperature rise on the head??? ?600 W/m?
Of patient under surgical operation?2?)
Power supply(AC)??????????????????????????? 220V?10% 50Hz
Rated voltage of bulb???????????????????????? 24V
Ratted power of bulb???????????????????????? 425W
Input power(VA)???????????????????????????? 500

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