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BAE308 Adjustable 3 Function Hospital Bed Electric Motor With Full Side Rails

Electric hospital beds are controlled by a hand pendant or a staff control. An electric bed has two, three or four motors to independently raise and lower sections of the bed. This type of bed needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, and users typically have a back-up battery connected in case of a power outage. Hand controller has large buttons with pictures to make operating the bed easy.

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Adjustable 3 Function Hospital Bed Electric Motor With Full Side Rails Description:

This 3 Function Hospital Bed features backrest, leg and height adjustment. Adjustable Hospital Bed In daily treatment and nursing, we can adjust the position of patients’ back and legs appropriately according to their needs or nursing needs, which can help ease the pressure on the back and legs and promote blood circulation. Hospital Bed with Full Side Rails’ bed to floor height can be adjusted between 460mm and 740mm. Hospital Bed Electric Motor has an electric remote control for one-click operation, allowing patients to operate by themselves. These features of Electric Hospital Bed Rails can be used to meet the needs of patients recovering after surgery.

Adjustable 3 Function Hospital Bed Electric Motor With Full Side Rails Features:
3 function Electric bed equipped with different functions will provide convenience for patients and caregivers.
1. 3 Functional hospital beds provide adjustable head and foot parts, adjustable height and knee parts. All functions are easily integrated through an ergonomic electric remote control, which is durable and tactile.
2. Frame and 4 perforated bed frame made of high strength 1.2mm cold rolled steel. All surfaces are treated with anti-rust treatment and anti-bacterial powder coating, carbon steel base plate one-time molding, large air hole design, good ventilation, high strength. The chassis adopts European design, luxurious and expensive, can accommodate up to 240kg.
3. Fully enclosed high configuration motor, strong, low noise, waterproof prop.
4. The height is 420mm, L-shaped folding side bar, durable, easy to operate
5. ABS headboard and foot pedal are blow molded and equipped with locking system to ensure safety during transportation. It can be easily assembled and disassembled. Head and tail board all have grasp handle that designs by human body engineering principle, facilitate carry out.
6. The bed is also equipped with four 5-inch central control casters with bearings that perform well on hard surfaces such as concrete, tile and wood. It will not mark or scratch the floor surface. Casters come with a separate locking system that locks the bed into place in one step, which will help save time and effort.
7. All-electric hospital bed hand control device has the following functions:
Back rise: Patients can easily sit up and carry out some activities of daily living, and the three-function bed reduces the nursing burden of patients and nurses.
Leg rise: promote leg blood circulation, prevent varicose veins, easily carry out daily leg care.
Height adjustment: help patients get on and off bed easily.
8. Patent anti-collision wheel, removable, placed around the bed, protect the bed transportation safety, anti-collision durable.
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Model BAE308
Length: 2130mm
Width: 1000mm
Height 460-740mm
Technical Features
Backrest max upward angle 0-75°
Footrest max upward angle: 0-45°
Loading Capacity
Loading Capacity 240kg
Power supply 220VAC or 110VAC   Frequency: 50-60HZ
Power Plug:EU type standard if other type, confirm each order
Optional Matress
The Weighing Function
Extension bedplate
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beside locker

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