A-S106B Medical Gynecological Examination Table Electric Gynecology Chair

A-S106B GYN Exam Table is a versatile, durable, economical option for virtually every medical office. This exam table is the ideal choice for an OB GYN practice and includes many features for enhanced comfort and uncomplicated use.

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A-S106B Gynecological Examination Table Introduction:
A-S106B exam table is equipped with electric height. Its back operation is used with gas spring. Includes customer’s choice of standard upholstery color.

A-S106B Gynecological Examination Table Features:
Electric mechanical obstetric chair applies to the support to the patient body, during the operation.
A-S106B is formed by tabletop(back plate,seat plate ,table body ,assistance plate, drawer and foot pedal),elevation column, base, linear actuator, drive parts, foot switch and accessories (waste basin ).
Powered back section which is controlled by a hand control on unit. The back section is adjustable from a full horizontal position to a chair position.
Powered base section (adjusts table top height) which is raised and lowered by a hand control.
Pelvic lift bar allowing seat section to be positioned in Lithotomy position.
Extendable footrest shelf which includes a positionable upholstered pad and a removable treatment pan.
Right and left stirrups which can be extended to different positions as well as laterally in four positions.
The back section is operated by gas spring.
Examination bed is equipped with large drawers.
Mattress made from mould, with no seam on the surface.
The OB GYN exam table is suitable for all kinds of inspection including gynecological examination, the shape is beautiful, the function is practical, the operation is simple.
Optional colour: gray, black, blue

Item A-S106B
Length ≥1400±20mm
Width 720±20mm
Lowest height of tabletop 460±50mm
Distance of elevation 390±20mm
Seat plate up 7°±1°
Back plate up 70°±5°
Assistance plate 410±20mm
Foot pedal movement range 350±20mm
Foot pedal up 115°±5°
Foot pedal angle 45°±5°


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