A-S105B Hospital Portable Gynecology Examination Table Obstetric Chair

It is a new developed ideal gynecology chair. It is with simple construction and pleasing appearance. Head, back and seat section are on an integrate frame, from an arc shape. Position change are realized by electric through the trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg. It brings convenience for gynecology diagnose, ultrasound examination and general gynecology operation.

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A-S105B Gynecology Examination Table Obstetric Chair Features:
1.with power supply display
2.Chair base locked by screws.
3.Electric adjustment easily change chair into the most comfort position.
4.Leg holders can be adjusted in all direction, height adjustable, can be locked.
5.Low chair postion allows patient get on it easily.
6.Arm board adjustable up/down.
7.Filth basin under the chair.
8.Hand control or foot control is available.
9.Mattress made by mould, wrapped seamless.(Material is imported PU)
Technical Specifications:
Length: 1450mm,width: 520mm, height: 420-1070mm
Reverse Tredelenburg:≥10°
Footrest slide distance: 360mm
Power: AC220V, 50HZ
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Leg holder 1 pair
Clamp 1 pair
Filth basin 1 piece
Foot switch 1 piece


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