A-S102B Hospital Medical Stainless Steel Portable Gynecology Examination Chair

It is for hospitals and clinics to carry out every kind of gynecology examination, diagnoses and surgical operation.Difference positions can be adjusted according to practical situation.

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A-S102B Gynecology Examination Chair Features:
1.The back section and seat section are controlled by gas spring.
2.The seat section can up-warp and down-lean together with the back section. This can stop the patient from gliding down.
3.Foot rest can swing toward two sides to regulate the height and expansion rate of the patient’s legs.
4.Equipped with leg holder.
5.Base is made of engineering plastic, one time forming, the elevation column is made of stainless steel, mould forming, nice appearance, easy to clean.
6.Mattress is made from mould, no seam on the surface.
7.Wheels are fixed on the bottom, easy to be moved and fixed.
Technical Specifications:
Length:1700mm, width:500mm
Fixed table height:?820mm (optional height)
Back section turning: -12°~75°
Seat section turning: -10°~15°
Arm rest swing out:0°~90°
Handrail swing: 90°
Foot rest swing out: 30°
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