A medical furniture chair that looks common has so much exquisite unexpectedly!


Three-Position Recliners (Mobile Recumbent Chairs) provide exceptional support and comfort in a multi-position recliner.
Mobile Positioning Chairs are designed to meet the needs of patients who require specific, long-term support and positioning. Recline chairs can be configured to fit the specific needs of the patient with exceptional comfort, positioning and support. Excellent value for any long-term care facility that requires optimal positioning for patient care.

The BHC301 three-position hospital recliner has many functions, and the user’s comfort is considered in the design.
Special woven padded lounge chair. The special filling technology provides long-term comfort and support for the hospital recliner seat surface. The back of the three-position hospital recliner has lumbar support for maximum comfort. On this basis, the B-type, foam backrest and seat, have extra wide armrests and footrests. Type C with gas spring backrest, double-sided dining table, wider side rails and additional armrest support.
Adjustable headrest. The articulated headrest can be adjusted to comfortably support the neck and head, raising the user’s head to the social field of view. The fully tilted, raised leg stool and fully upright position provide users with maximum comfort.
Conveniently overlap the tray and footstool. Injection molding side panels make it easier to install and clean. The leg support is hidden under the seat cushion, and an overlapping tray is stored on the side of the three-position hospital recliner and can be completely folded under the chair, making it easier for users to shrink the tray and stand up. (A and B models). Type C with gas spring can be adjusted freely.
Easy to move. Convenient push rods and four rolling casters on the back of the chair, two of which can be locked safely, which is convenient for the operation and positioning of the hospital recliner.

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BHC301 Hospital Medical Grade Manual Patient Care Recliner Chair Bed For Home helps patients stay more relaxed while undergoing treatment by giving them complete control of their comfort and freedom. Give your patients the highest quality of care.

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