A-8807 Electric Delivery Bed With T Shape Base For Obstetrics and Gynecology

A-8807 is the most latest electric table that can be uesd for Obstetrics birthing, Gynecological operation and examination. The operating table is used in all kinds of gynecological operations. This Gynaecology Table provides electric positioning for gynaecology procedures, as well as a full length table surface for most general prone and supine examinations and minor treatment procedures.

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A-8807 Electric Delivery Bed Introduction:
It is designed for various functions including giving birth to baby, gynecology surgical operation, checking a patient, and urgent caesarean operation. The whole rising, decent, forward and backward of the inclination are manipulated by mini touch controller, easy and flexible to operate. Key parts of dynamical system are controlled by electrical putter which works with low noise and stable performance. The angle of back section can be adjusted, activity auxiliary counter is equipped to facilitate operation. The out cover, countertop, dirt basin are all made of stainless steel, beautiful and easy to clean.
A-8807 Electric Delivery Bed Features:
1. The product is designed and manufactured with the introduction of foreign advanced technology, which is suitable for childbirth, gynecological surgery, abortion, diagnosis and examination, and has a variety of medical functions including emergency caesarean section.
2, The product adopts a unique cylindrical oil-free column, the bed surface lifting, tilting back and forth, the back plate folding up and down are controlled by the micro touch, easy to use, flexible.
3, The key part of the power system adopts high quality electric push rod, low noise, stable performance, can realize the adjustment of large Angle, to meet the operation requirements of special position.
4. The auxiliary table and the main bed are connected by plug type, which is convenient to disassemble and use.
5, Optional ABS molding cover or stainless steel T foot cover, antibacterial, anti-fouling, easy to clean, beautiful appearance, durable.
6, high quality seamless polyurethane molding mattress, mattress smooth, easy to clean, moisture protection, anti-static, anti-corrosion of various chemical agents.
7, all kinds of accessories are fully equipped, the design of the whole machine conforms to the national safety standards for medical electrical appliances.


Length*Width: Height: Back Section: Reversed Trendelenburg/Trendelenburg: Auxiliary table top size:
1950*580mm 700-950mm(standard), 650-900mm(optional) Up≥76°      Down≥10° ≥22° 560*520mm

Basic Accessories:

Anesthetic Screen: Arm support: Knee Crutch: Cushion: Grid hand:
1 set 2 sets 2 sets 1 set 2 sets


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