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A-2002 Electric Adjustable Parturition Gynecological Obstetric Delivery Birthing Bed

Gynecological diagnosis and treatment table is a based on clinical examination, treatment and clinical development of department of gynaecology need arises at the historic moment of the product.With electric controlled height adjustment, tilt adjustment and back section adjustment functions, which can ultimately enhance the working efficiency of the operator.

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A-2002 Gynecological Obstetric Delivery Birthing Bed Features:
1.The bed is designed for parturition and gynaecology operation.
2.It includes two parts: the bed and the legs.
3.The bed can be raised or lowered hydraulically by means of an oil pump.
4.The ascending and descending movements of the legs are controlled by the leading screw and operated by the handwheel.
Length: 1900mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 800-1050mm
Back Section Up ≥45°
Back Section Down ≥10°
Leg Section Up ≥90°
Basic Accessories:
Anaesthetic Screen: 1 set
Knee Crutch: 2 sets
Shoulder Rest: 2 sets
Step Foot: 2 sets
Arm Support: 2 sets
Cushion: 1 set
Grid hand: 2 sets
Packing: 166*87*105cm, G.W.: 220kg,N.W.: 180kg.
Note: For Model A-2002A, the cover and base are made of stainless steel.

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