77 Series ABS Hospital Emergency Medical Anesthesia Trolley Cart

Anaesthesia carts are used to store the management procedures needed during anaesthesia and are essential aid tools for hospital equipment. Anesthesia refers to the use of drugs to calm the patient’s mind and prevent him or her from feeling any pain during the surgical procedure. It is important to properly organize and maintain anesthesia tools so that patients can receive proper anesthesia care.

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77 Series ABS Hospital Emergency Medical Anesthesia Trolley Cart Features:
1.Mainly made of Aluminum Alloy , Steel and ABS. The four columns of trolley are in Aluminum alloy material.
2.Top: whole ABS moulding board, 2 sides with hand holders for easy push. Tall 70mm high ABS handrails to prevent small stuff falling, covered with transparent soft glass.
3.Front: central lock which can be folded. With 5 drawers. First 2 small drawers, 80mm height, inside space: 424*375*68mm, 2 medium drawers, 120mm, inside space:424*375*110mm, 1 big drawer, 240mm, inside space:424*375*220mm, inside with dividers which separated easily. Seal label slots which can prevent dust and liquid. The colors of strip in the right side of the drawers are changeable for set different stuff.
4.Left: defibrillator platform, hidden sliding work table. Stuff box. Basket.
5.Right:  2L sharps boxes. ABS dustbins in 2 colors.
6.Back:double rowed 10 anesthesia bins.
7.Beneath: deluxe 4 high density PVC noiseless castors, 2 of them with brakes, the castors can avoid the hair involving, very flexible.
8.GW: 42.6KG     Size: 750*475*930mm
9.Packing: 780*540*980MM(exclude bins)
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