4 Points When Using a Vacuum Stretcher


What is a vacuum stretcher?

The vacuum stretcher is made of high quality and durable nylon fabric. The ambulance crew can use the air cylinder to pump air according to the severity of the patient’s injuries, adjust the softness of the stretcher, and shape it around the person’s body shape for safe and easy operation. The vacuum stretcher is designed to hold and secure patients who are suspected of being unconscious, unconscious or unable to care for themselves. The vacuum is not suitable for permanent fixation.

It is generally suitable for airborne rescue or water rescue. His waterproof and inflatable function always allows rescuers to perform rescue actions in difficult and inconvenient handling situations. The vacuum stretcher is generally used in special climate also shape and other combat conditions, but not suitable for use when using a universal stretcher to transport the wounded. In the use of the vacuum stretcher is to be noted that the vacuum stretcher is by way of inflation to make the stretcher three-dimensional. The vacuum stretcher should not be filled with gas when it is not in use. Release the gas into the packing box.

Vacuum Stretcher, Vacuum Mattress,Emergency Stretcher

How to use?


Before using the vacuum stretcher, treat open wounds and incomplete areas of skin in accordance with the latest standards for sterile wound management.
Provide the patient with the appropriate means of relocation according to current recommendations.
To secure and form the vacuum stretcher, close the snaps and tighten the straps.



Connect the pump suction hose to the vacuum stretcher valve, making sure the suction valve is set securely. Turn the valve to the right and use a pump to evacuate air from the clamp until the stretcher is secure and the valve must be closed. You will feel the resistance on the pump handle and will notice the stretcher becoming rigid.
After the vacuum stretcher has reached sufficient stability, remove the suction hose from the valve.
If necessary, adjustments can now be made to increase stability or to make minor position changes for patient comfort. Check that the straps are tight.



Open the valve by turning it to the left. Air enters the stretcher and returns to its original state.


Cleaning, care, disinfection

Wash the vacuum stretcher with water and detergent. Any blood, body fluids or other soiled material should be removed thoroughly before disinfection.
Remember to keep the valve securely closed at all times during the cleaning and disinfection process.
Avoid extreme mechanical cleaning, which may damage the surface material.

Vacuum Stretcher, Vacuum Mattress,Emergency Stretcher

The vacuum stretcher is insulated to reduce heat emission from the patient, with a blue interior fabric that is soft and silky for patient comfort, and a rugged red polyurethane exterior that is suitable for a variety of emergency situations.

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