4 Important scenarios using medical suction


With the rapid development of today, multiple accidents and various diseases are increasing, and medical suction is used more frequently. It can drain the exudate, cleaning fluid, pus and so on in the human body, and provide effective guarantee for patient safety. portable suction unit can not only improve patient care, but also save lives. The multifunctional portable suction unit is easy to operate and carry, which is an effective guarantee for the safe long-distance transport of patients with mechanical ventilation outside the hospital. It can give patients auxiliary ventilation and ensure their unobstructed breathing.

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Here are four important ways hospitals should have those medical suction :

1. In the emergency room

Portable aspirators provide intensive care anytime, anywhere. If someone in the waiting room experiences a syncope episode, you need to be able to quickly grab the portable suction machine in case the situation calls for it.

2. In the ambulance

Every ambulance should include an emergency portable suction unit. It’s as important to patient safety as a defibrillator. If the patient needs to clear his airway but is far from his suction cup, it is almost absurd to think that you can transport him down the hall or around the corner to the nearest intramedullary suction cup. Instead of bringing the patient to the suction port, the suction should be brought to the patient. The emergency medical suction device easily fits on the side of the ambulance and can be inserted with the defibrillator, so you can always use the suction device.

3. In intensive care unit

Any ICU nurse understands the importance of aspiration for patient care. While we would all like to believe that we can rely on our facility’s backup generators to kick in if the power goes out, having a portable suction machine in the ICU will help minimize the risk of aspiration if the generator fails during a power outage.

4. At the nurse’s station

Occasionally, the non-patient collapses with a serious medical situation, and the portable suction unit can play a key role in stabilizing the visitor until she can be transported to the emergency room for evaluation.

5. Surge area of the patient

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have already seen many non-patient treatment areas within hospitals and facilities outside hospitals converted to patient care. Many of these facilities were forced to quickly purchase portable aspirators to provide the basic medical needs to keep patients breathing.

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