4 important features of ambulance EMS Gurney


Unlike the simple transport cribs of the past, today’s ambulance stretchers are complex life-saving devices. They are equipped with features that enable first responders, emergency room and surgical center providers to work quickly and safely while supporting patients of all weights and sizes.

There are four basic features to consider when purchasing an ambulance ems Gurney.

1. Bariatric Support

2. Lightweight & Easy To Maneuver

3. Hydraulics Or Other Power Assist

4. Transformable Modes

Move and support patients of all sizes

Ems Gurney should provide built-in safety features for both patients and providers. In addition to supporting people weighing more than 300 pounds, transport stretchers usually take up a small area and do not have to lift the patient very far off the ground.

They also have reinforced handlebars to help rescue workers transport patients, and have extended belts and shoulder restraints to protect larger people.

Lightweight, operable frame

Speed is of the essence when transporting a patient from an ambulance to the emergency room or operating room. Look for aluminum X frames that are lightweight but very strong and have shock absorption to reduce strain during patient loading and unloading.

Stretcher with hydraulic function

Manually loading and unloading patients puts responders at risk for back injuries. A good transport stretcher will have an electric booster or hydraulic device to help lower and raise the bed.

Adjustability — So you can get your work done

Today’s ambulance stretchers need to be easily adapted to different situations. In some cases, the patient may need to sit up, or in other cases the lower limb may need to be elevated during transportation. The adjustable ambulance stretcher chair can change mode very quickly for these purposes and provides better mobility in narrow stairwells and other narrow situations.

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