• funeral home freezer, mortuary coolers, body freezer
  • funeral home freezer, mortuary coolers, body freezer
  • funeral home freezer, mortuary coolers, body freezer

GA304 4 Chamber Funeral Home Body Freezer Mortuary Coolers

The excellent design and functionality of the cadaver freezer truly provide an efficient cadaver storage solution for medical institutions, funeral homes and forensic offices. The variable size options of these freezers allow them to adapt to the needs of different locations, while smart temperature control technology ensures that bodies are properly frozen to maintain a sterile environment and protect the dignity of the deceased. Together, these characteristics demonstrate the reverence for life and the pursuit of professionalism in the industry of cadaver freezer manufacturers, providing a powerful support for society to ensure that the deceased are properly respected and dealt with.

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4 Chamber Funeral Home Body Freezer Mortuary Coolers Description:

The funeral home freezer, designed for the safe and proper storage and preservation of cadavers and specimens. It is specially designed to hold up to four bodies and is suitable for short or long-term storage needs, especially for handling large volumes of autopsies or emergencies, ensuring efficient management.

Taking into account the different sites and needs, the series offers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 drawer body size options. This means that whether it is a small unit or a large organization, you can find a match, optimize space utilization, and maintain smooth operations.


Overall Structure

1. The inner shell of the refrigerator is made of high quality stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and beautiful and luxurious appearance.

2. The insulation layer is made of imported polyurethane foam material, which has high heat resistance to cold loss.

3. The door sealing strip adopts high-quality rubber strip, which has strong anti-aging ability and can prolong the service life of the door sealing strip.

4. Safety door lock design prevents arbitrary opening.


Internal Structure

1. Detachable cadaver tray, easy to push and pull cadaver. The bottom of the tray has a row of small rollers, easy to move the tray.

2. Intelligent control of fan forced cold air circulation system to ensure uniform temperature in the box. Copper evaporator cooling pipe, to ensure long service life.

3. Adopt the well-known domestic brand Arnoldan high efficiency compressor, environmental protection fluorine free refrigeration system, manufacture green products, create a green world. Refrigerant: Environmental protection R134A.

4. Built-in lithium battery can keep the temperature display in the box, light and sound alarm for 72 hours after power failure. Unique power off memory function, large amount of information, temperature data permanent storage.


Temperature Control System

1. The refrigeration system of each room is controlled independently, and the temperature can be adjusted without interference. The temperature range of each cooling system can be adjusted individually, and the temperature of each room is independent. Each chamber has a compressor, and the failure of one compressor does not affect the operation of other chambers.

2. Adopt high precision computer temperature control system to keep the internal temperature stable accurately; Three digit high brightness digital display, temperature set in the range of 5ºC to -10ºC, temperature display accuracy 0.1ºC, resolution 0.1ºC, adjust increment 0.1ºC; Temperature display accuracy 0.1ºC, resolution 0.1ºC, adjust increment 0.1ºC; Unique high resolution temperature calibration function, set point adjustable calibration, calibration range of 2 to 8ºC, calibration increment of 0.1ºC. Calibration range of 2 to 8ºC, calibration increment of 0.1ºC.

3. Imported temperature record printing system, four precision temperature sensors in the box (two sensors in some systems), two temperature indicators outside the box, used to display the temperature of the upper and lower points, for users to monitor the temperature in the box of each working state. Each door is equipped with digital screen, easy to distinguish the temperature.


Safety System

1. Triple alarm mode (sound buzzer alarm, light flashing alarm, optional remote alarm)

2. Seven system obstacle alarm: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, open the door alarm, power alarm, low spare battery alarm, low voltage alarm

3. Each freezer will be equipped with 4 high quality universal wheels to ensure ease of movement.

4. Power supply 220-240V/ 50HZ-60Hz, can provide backup power supply (UPS) according to customer requirements.


1. Stainless steel 201/304 material
2. Cabinet LED lamp, cabinet drainage system
3. Imported compressor SECOP
4. Inlet ventilation system

Product mode GA304
Quantity 4 Corpse
Voltage 220V/50HZ standard
Temperature inside box +5℃to-10℃
Exterior size 2280*1600*1275mm
Weight 420kg
Package size 2320*1640*1395mm
Body tray 1940*610mm
voltage 872W


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