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AOTA306 360° Rotatable Surgical Head Supports With Headrest

The occurrence of craniocerebral injury is increasing in modern society, and its mortality and disability rate are relatively high, and they are concerned. It is necessary to use a medical device – the head frame of the brain, especially the head frame, which provides a good surgical operation position to doctors and patients, and has a greater help for the smooth implementation of surgery.

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360° Rotatable Surgical Head Supports With Headrest Description:

The surgical head supports are designed to hold the patient’s head firmly on the operating table during craniotomy, drilling, fine surgery, and spinal surgery. The head frame provides skull support for both adult and pediatric patients. The head holder creates a complete head support method by using both a skull clamp and a horseshoe headrest. The brain support is placed on the patient’s skull to hold their head and neck in place when rigid fixation is needed.

360° Rotatable Surgical Head Supports Features:

1. Have Swivel Adaptor and Pivot Adaptor for choose
2. Level rotation Angle for the Pivot Adaptor/Swivel Adaptor: 360°
3. Vertical plane Angle for the
– Pivot Adaptor: 0°-90°
– Swivel Adaptor: 0°
4. Made of the high-quality aluminum alloy, surface-Harding treatment. Lighter and more durable
5. Quick-release Lock
6. 360N torque screw
7. Gel pad head resting
9. The distance of the threaded hole on transitional member is 190-590mm
10. Standard super soft gel pad can relieve pressure; gel pad can be removed and easy to clean.
11. Provide 3-point skull fixation in prone position, supine position, lateral position and sitting position.
12. Streamlined body design and low-key single needle side help to expose the surgical site.
13. The rotary rocker arm mechanism allows flexibility in patient positioning.
14. Could match with DORO and MAYFIELD

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