• 3 pin skull fixation device, skull clamp
  • 3 pin skull fixation device, skull clamp
  • 3 pin skull fixation device, skull clamp
  • 3 pin skull fixation device, skull clamp

AOTA305 3 Pin Skull Fixation Device Head Skull Clamp With Headrest

Good exposure and ideal is the key to ensure the smooth operation of surgery, in the past, relying on the assistant to hold a variety of special hooks cannot meet the needs of surgery, long time to keep the same posture not only cannot package the safety of surgery, but also increase the difficulty of surgery. With the continuous update and development of instruments, different retractors broaden our vision and escort us to complete the operation.

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3 Pin Skull Fixation Device Head Skull Clamp Description:

The 3-pin skull fixation device helps to fix and support the skull. The frame provides intraoperative accuracy and stability of the patient’s head. Aims to improve intracranial and cervical spine injuries and fixed structures, and improve the comfort and accuracy of skull penetration, opening, removal and repair operations. The frame helps stabilize the skull before surgery. It has three fixed points that transfer the skull skin directly to the skull structure, securing the skull firmly on the operating table.

3 Pin Skull Fixation Device Features:

1. Have Swivel Adaptor and Pivot Adaptor for choose
2. Level rotation Angle for the Pivot Adaptor/Swivel Adaptor: 360°
3. Vertical plane Angle for the
-the Pivot Adaptor: 0 ° to 90 °
-Swivel Adaptor: 0°
4. Made of the high quality aluminum alloy, surface-harding treatment. Lighter and more durable
5. Quick-release Lock
6. With pressure mark
7. The distance of the threaded hole on transitional member is 190-590mm
8. Three screws are pressed and fixed to the head for safety and stability.
9. The product is composed of skull head nail, skull fixer, base, cardan shaft and other accessories
10. Easy to install and fix, can be seamlessly connected with the operating room operating bed safe and reliable. Easy to adjust strength and traction, convenient for surgical cleaning.
11. Insert rod has a variety of size options, can also be customized with non-standard operating bed.
12. The head support can be adjusted from front to back. Other silicone head support, gel head support optional.
13. Fully exposed surgical site, easy aseptic operation.
14. Parts can be disassembled and replaced, easy to use.


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