3 mortuary freezers are indispensable reasons


In a mortuary, a mortuary freezer is an indispensable piece of equipment that is wear and corrosion resistant and plays a vital role in providing specialized support to a laboratory or hospital for 3 key reasons:


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1. Safe preservation of the body to delay corruption
At room temperature, the body will soon begin to decay, producing harmful gases and bacteria. Whether it is a hospital morgue, a laboratory or a forensic studio, the body needs to be stored and placed in a proper way to prevent this from happening. At this point we need the dead body mortuary freezer box to keep the body relatively intact while the freezer is processed until the end.


2. Hygiene and health
The dead body mortuary freezer box is used to keep the body in a cryogenic environment to inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus ensuring the integrity of the body, other functions and the health and safety of the crew.


3. Convenient management and storage
The mortuary freezer provides an orderly and secure space for the placement of the remains and also facilitates the management and identification of the remains. In the event of large-scale disasters such as earthquakes and epidemics, the number of bodies increases dramatically, so orderly and effective management is very important. The mortuary freezer was able to significantly improve handling efficiency and management.


In addition to these basic needs, the safe storage of the remains in the freezer is also a humane treatment and respect for the families of the remains and themselves. In addition, many countries and regions also have strict laws and regulations for the disposal of human remains. Strict adherence to these laws and regulations also required sufficient mortuary freezer.

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