2023 Happy Spring Festival!


Dear Partner,

With our sincerest appreciation for your support and concern, may the coming Chinese Spring Festival bring you peace, health and joy offamily!


Doris and Athony cordially visited the employees in various positions, summarized the development achievements of the company in 2022, and formulated the overall plan of the company in 2022, including the new annual plan, direction, goals, etc. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all for your hard work, and I would like to extend season’s greetings and New Year’s greetings to you all! By recognizing outstanding employees, we can mobilize their enthusiasm and encourage them to perform well in the New Year. The company calls on all employees to take the outstanding employees honored as examples, learn from their loyalty to the company, love their jobs and dedication, and strive to achieve the goal of the company in 2023!


The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China. It is also an important carrier for Chinese people to release their emotions and satisfy their psychological demands. It is the annual carnival of the Chinese nation and the eternal spiritual pillar.

The Spring Festival is the most solemn festival of the Chinese nation. People pray for more blessings in the New Year on this day.

Rooe medical has prepared rich holiday gifts for the employees of the company, but also let the employees feel the warmth of family. Each gift represents the company to the majority of workers thick love and holiday blessing, heavy gifts held in the hand, warm in the heart, we have said that the care of the enterprise into the power of work, with a grateful heart to return to the enterprise, with practical action to make more contributions to the development of the company!

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