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AOT402 180° Rotation Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

With the development of the subject and the increase of hospital beds, the medical service capacity of otolaryngology has been improved continuously. The operation bed is strong, durable, functional, easy to operate, comfortable and labor-saving is the basic requirements of the operation bed. Bed utilization was improved and hospital stays for routine operations were shortened. Can provide patients with efficient and high-quality medical services.

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180° Rotation Electro Hydraulic Operating Table Description:

Electro hydraulic operating tables are suitable for various operation tables conducted by the medical unit. The operating table and accessories are ergonomic and can be used across multiple disciplines. Various actions are controlled by a hydraulic pneumatic system. The 180° rotation helps every surgical requirement. The size of the bed is ergonomic and can easily adjust various positions such as cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra and spine. The operating table has complete functions and excellent performance.
Main Usage: The operating table can be operated for clinical use.

180° Rotation Electro Hydraulic Operating Table Features:

General features:

1. The bed is composed of five movable sections: head plate, back plate, waist plate (selected for timing), seat plate and leg plate;

2. The appearance of the stainless steel round cover and base is nice and elegant. The cover is dust-proof and water-proof. The main material is stainless steel, high-intensity cast iron, aluminum, good solidity.

3. High density sponge is made of artificial leather or polyurethane as a whole, with antistatic properties.

4. There are four casters on the bottom of the operating table. The operation bed is easy to move, and the pedal brake function can make the bed stand stable.

5. Equipped with a miniature hand controller, which can control various preset actions of each section by touch.

6. They can safely support more than 150 kilograms, depending on the operation.

Electrical characteristics:

1. Emergency power supply is Optional. Emergency power supply is made of lead-acid batteries, which can be automatically charged. Emergency power supply can start to work automatically when the power is off.

Technical Features:

1. The operating table is composed of mechanical and electro-hydraulic control system.

2.The table uses electro-hydraulic systems to control all the movements: height adjustment, trendelenburg and reversed trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back movements, forward and backward movement and brake. Head section, leg section and vertical rotation of tabletop are operated by manual operation.

3. The head and tail plate surface adopts unique imported air spring (Imported from Germany), flexible operation.

3. Electrically controlled brake can firmly fix the bed.

4. The forward and backward movement 250mm and 180 °rotation of tabletop can make C-ARM perspective quick and easy.

5. Optional one-key horizontal restoration, which can be restored to the original state by one key at any position.

6. Optional waist bridge



Main Parameter  
Model AOT402
Operating Table Size
Length 2050mm
Width 500mm
Dimension of section:
Head Section 250×500mm
Back Section 465×500mm
Waist Section 75×500mm
Seat section 550×500mm
Leg Section 600×240mm
Table Overall Adjustable Range
Min. height of table top from floor 580mm
Max. height of table top from floor 930mm
Tendelenburg ≥20º
Reversed tendelenburg ≥15º
Lateral tilt ≥15º
Backward and forward movements 250mm
Horizonal ratation of tabletop 0~180°
Table Section Adjustment Range
Head section raised from the horizontal ≥45º
Head section lowered from the horizontal ≥90º
Kidney bridge elevated(Optional) 80mm
Back section raised from the horizontal ≥75º
Back section lowered from the horizontal ≥30º
Leg section lowered from the horizontal ≥90º
Foot board can be horizontal or vertical with leg board.
Power Supply AC 220V±10%,50Hz
Basic Accessories: Anaesthetic screen: 1 set
Arm support: 1 pair
Body support: 1 pair
leg support: 1 pair
Cushion: 1 set


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